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Eiremade is Ireland’s first digital creative platform which connecting marketers i.e Ordinary Irish people such as artisans, Crafters, and designers to a Global network of buyers to collaborate and sell them co-create handcrafted products. Fostering a community of Irish crafters & Designers, Eiremade create a natural connection between Crafters & Craft lovers.

Ireland is renowned for its tradition of handcrafted goods. Eiremade allows sellers to customize their shop on our platform, advertise their products as well as get featured, and for buyers Eiremade provide a shop or platform with a curated selection of premium maker goods and experience the timeless beauty of Irish Craftmanship. In their store you will find beautiful pieces that have been made with love for your loved ones. so, find that amazing gift for a loved one, family member, friend, or for you.

Eiremade is a platform where your business will grow from small to large and unbranded to branded, all suppliers can grow their business on Eiremade with their own individual owned stores so it’s all up to seller for all transactions like; Sales, shipping, returns, refunds and profit! Yes.. you read it right, because Eiremade has 0% Commission Fee. Suppliers selling on Eiremade keep 100% of their profit by not paying any commission.


What Makes Us Special

0% Commission Fee

Eiremade has 0% Commission Fee. Suppliers selling on Eiremade keep 100% of their profit by not paying any commission.

Ease of Doing Business

The best tools in the world are useless if a user doesn’t know how to use them. Every one of our seller and buyer tools are designed in such way with ease of use in mind.

Support and education

We at Eiremade don’t just give a platform to sell the products but also giving seller throughout support anytime they need a hand to figure out tips on successful shop in our seller handbook.

Start Selling Products

Eiremade is a one-stop solution for you to sell your products that is made by you. You run your business your way with various features available on Eiremade that will help you to grow your online selling, Boost Up your sales and Build a strong local network.


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    Sell Different Category Product
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    Dedicated Vendor Control
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    Receive Instantly to your Bank Account
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Become a Supplier

Create your Supplier store on Eiremade and start offering your products & Commodities to the one who needed. We are offering 24*7 support, Trusted Buyers and Account setup. Start supplying your product with Eiremade and Give your business an Edge with smart digital store.

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    Link Personal Website
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    Sell in Wholesale
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    Get Bulk Orders
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On Eiremade Featured product Ad is a type of ad that allows you to showcase in depth a specific product in order to highlight its benefits and get featured on homepage of user’s page.
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Eiremade will showcase your product, service, and more to increase your traffic to your website or your digital store.
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If you want to make users aware about your business then, Right side banner ad is perfect type of Ad to spread awareness about your store and start getting sales.
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