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Eiremade is a platform which provide your business an exposure. Once you registered your business with Eiremade, you can create your own customised store name/ Store banner/ Profile picture/ store tagline and use the “ Buying from me” and “Biography” options wisely to tell everybody what your business is about and showcase your business as to why they should buy from you. 
Now take a chair and have rest because the rest as we take the hassle out of selling online and everything in between. 

Eiremade - Buy & Sell Irish Craft, Irish Gifts Online
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Promotional Tools
  • Get online
    We take the hassle out of building a website.
  • SEO Friendly
    All your items are automatically shared to the major search engines.
  • Show the world
    Share your items to your social media and build a loyal following.
  • Fully Customizable
    Customize your store and organise your store categories.
Low Cost

Select the plan right for you with no long term commitment. Change your plan anytime you want.


Customize your eCommerce Store as per your business needs with ease. Grow Your Business with Our Platform. Start selling your products with Eiremade at 0% commission. And Unlimited 24/7 Support. 

  • Responsive & Customisable store themes
  • Pricing as low as €0.50c a day!
  • Secure checkout & Shipping
  • Payment direct into Bank

Join Eiremade marketplace where crafters like to purchase directly from creative entrepreneurs like you. Now choose your own path to successful business. No matter how big your ambitions. Access more advanced tools with monthly subscription package. 

  • Send Customer your own web Address
  • Promotional tools to drive traffic
  • Manage your Business anywhere
  • Support & Education
Additional Benefits
More Buyers
  • New buyers registering daily.
  • All stores appear in the search and results categories.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • We take care of API’s for you.
  • Eiremade stores and products are designed to rank well in search engines.
  • The best buyers are already looking for what you are selling so what are you waiting for.
Easy Management
  • Simple order processing.
  • Receive orders directly.
  • Quickly find and post orders.
  • Set your postage costs.
  • We will keep your customers updated with automatic shipping notifications.
  • Accept major credit cards with Pay Pal/Stripe
  • Pay a flat monthly fee, no commission is taken off your sales.
Professional Design
  • No knowledge of coding necessary.
  • No need to worry about any html, CSS or JavaScript, we take care of it all and you get a great web design.
  • You list your products, sell them and we will do the technical work.
Email Support
  • Our dedicated customer service team is ready to help via email for any issue.
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