Return Policy

Each seller has their own return policy.

In the sellers store you can click on the ‘Shipping and Returns’ tab to check their policies.

These can be viewed before purchase.

When you make a purchase on Eiremade, the contract is between the ’seller’ and you, the ‘buyer’.

Eiremade provides the service to facilitate that contract but is not responsible for its fulfilment.

If you wish to cancel an order before it is dispatched, please contact the seller directly by clicking the ‘Contact’ tab in their store.

If you wish to return an item after its arrival, you need to check the criteria of the seller’s policy and follow their procedure for returns.

If the seller does not respond in reasonable time, you should claim for a refund:

Orders paid using Paypal (including card payments through PayPal)
Please go to the Paypal help page on Claims and disputes. Please note that disputes can only be opened within 180 days of the date of payment.

Orders paid using a credit or debit card (not using PayPal)
Please contact your bank and ask about Chargeback on the transaction.

Please make sure you report the seller to Eiremade too, so we can take action.
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